Fluent Support

Email Piping Data Policy

Fluent Support is capable of carrying out email piping. Use of this (email piping) feature requires your support emails to be forwarded to Amazon Web Service Lambda system. Once data is sent to AWS Lambda it will be subject to AWS Lambda’s Data Protection Policy.

We acknowledge that, to avail the Email Piping feature, users must explicitly consent to the forwarding of information to AWS Lambda system which uses the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) standard. 

As an explicit declaration, we’d like to state that all data sent to AWS Lambda is encrypted during transit as given in Data encryption in Amazon EFS . Additionally, none of our associates, affiliates, employees or any other related parties shall access, duplicate, alter or dissect this information for any purpose or, in any event. 

Email Piping Data Policy

As Lambda is a serverless computing technology, the information received for processing is not stored on in any way. Once processing is completed the information is removed.

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