Connect WooCommerce and View Order History

Get a view of customers’ complete purchase history

The best WordPress e-commerce plugin is, of course, Woocommerce. Now integrated with Fluent Support you can easily know about customer’s purchases right from support dashboard!

woocommerce fluent support integrations

Learn more about your customers with WooCommerce

  • View customers’ complete purchase history on their open tickets.
  • Customers can select their orders and product information from their ticket form..
  • Increase upsell by recognizing your super customers and reply them fast.
woocommerce customers purchase history

Customer Purchase History 

Integrated with WooCommerce, Fluent Support displays purchase histories on individual contact profiles. With no click, you’ll be able to see when a customer bought a product, the amount they paid, and order details for that particular customer.

Easy Submission Process 

Submitting tickets with Fluent Support is super easy. Your customers have no need to log out from your store, just click get support from the menu and that’s it! They can select their orders and products from the ticket directly.

WooCommerce orders in ticket form

Get started with Fluent Support

Fluent Support is the most affordable WordPress support ticketing system for small businesses. Get started with the plugin now and take your support system to another level.