Fluent Support 101

New to Fluent Support and not sure where & how to get started? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with Fluent Support.


Designed for support engineers.

For better response

Fluent Support made ticket management easy. Agents can filter and sort with many variables to define priority. They can track their progress and see how many tickets are waiting for them.

Set up your business

After installing the base plugin, if you purchased the pro addon, you will have to install the pro addon too. Now, jump on to setting up your business. While setting up the Business, you will be asked to select a page for your customer portal, supported file types, and sizes. Set these up according to your need. You are good to go to the next step.

Fluent Support-101-set-up-business
Fluent Support-101-adding-support-agents

Adding Super Heroes

Now add your support staff and managers. Give proper permission to each one of them.

So far, you are ready!

Boost up productivity

It’s simple to find a ticket in Fluent Support. You can filter, sort, and search among your tickets. You can add tags to a particular ticket so that agents can find them easily later. After finding them, agents can even bulk reply, delete or close them, isn’t it cooooool!!!

Fluent Support tutorials
Fluent Support tutorials

Unleash productivity++

Agents can add templated responses so that they can respond to frequently asked questions with just a click. They can save ticket-wise internal notes for other agents and also get more information from customers using conditional custom fields. Furthermore, they can get additional information about a certain user based on third-party integrations.

Why not some automated tasks?

Fluent Support comes with Automated Workflow which helps take care of repetitive tasks; enabling your agents to save time & easily manage the support tickets. They can execute automated tasks based on workflow rules and the workflows can be triggered manually or automatically.

Fluent Support-101-automated-workflow
Fluent Support-101-reports-stats

Reports and stats

Supervisors can easily check the performance report of each agent on a certain timeframe, check overall ticket stats and activities.

Get notified! And give instant reply

Enable Telegram or Slack notifications so that agents can get notifications instantly and even reply to them using Telegram or Slack. Using email piping imports your emails as your support ticket.

Fluent Support-101-instant-notifications

Manage less, work more

Fluent Support can reduce your time managing your support staff. This tool is packed with all the features your support agents need. Now you can focus on other activities since managing support tasks takes less time.