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Affordable annual plan, yet efficient support solution for Online Shops, E-learning Platform, Course sites and Membership platforms.

fluent support media kit

Fluent Support Logos

Remember that, Fluent Support logos are registered trademarks, so please use them properly. We advise you not to implement any variation which is different from the ones presented here.

fluent support logo
fluent support logo
fs logo
fs logo
fluent support regular logo
fluent support black and white logo

Fluent Support Icons

These icons are created a few layout and color variations. If you need Fluent Support icons, feel free to select one from these.

fluent support original icon
fluent support black and white icon
fs black and white icon

Fluent Support Colors

We have the following brand colors. Please be careful while using assets for Fluent Support. And, apply colors mentioned here only.





Dos & Don’ts

Let’s check out what you can do or can’t with logos. The following visual guide will show you the right path.

do's and don'ts for fs logo and icon