Features that help your business grow

Fluent Support’s unparalleled feature list will change your outlook on support plugins. Tap into the best WordPress has to offer for smoother, faster and reliable ticketing.

Automatic Agent Assignment

Fluent Support makes work distribution across your support staff a breeze. Instead of piling on the same agent, Fluent Support automatically assigns new tickets to agents who have the least workload. Less stress for your agents, less waiting time for your customers.

Fluent Support saved replies feature

Saved Replies

No more typing out “Thank You’s” or wasting time on writing similar replies. Fluent Support allows unlimited saved replies so your support agents can spend more time solving the real issues. On the plus side, your customers can find what they need with minimum delay.

Collision Detection

Say goodbye to redundant messages and awkward interactions with your customers. Fluent Support offers collision detection for individual tickets. Get real-time notification when multiple agents open the same ticket, so there is no confusion about who should be working where.

Fluent Support agent activity
Fluent Support add tags


Fluent Support comes with custom tagging for your tickets. Create and set unlimited tags to make support tickets easy to identify. Use as many tags you need to filter support tickets, categorize queries and a lot more.

Support can’t be confined to a dashboard

That’s why Fluent Support offers email piping. Customers can create tickets, receive responses and submit replies, all through emails. Tickets are created automatically whenever you receive an email in your support email address, so no need to manually transfer email queries.


Admin Dashboard

Oversight is important for any support team. Fluent Support comes with a dedicated administrator dashboard to give complete control. Manage agent privileges, view individual reports, edit customer info, all from your neat dashboard.

Fluent Support dashboard

Response Delay Tracking

Fluent Support tracks response delay for every ticket, so you know who’s waiting the longest. Sort and find tickets based on highest response delay with just one click. Every agent knows the waiting time for all their tickets, so they can prioritize accordingly.

Bulk Actions

Carry out all ticket actions in bulk from the tickets page. Fluent Support allows multiple tickets selection for replying, closing, deleting and agent assignment. No need to manage tickets one-by-one. Select tickets on your dashboard and assign away.

Fluent Support bulk action

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Fluent Support is the most affordable WordPress support ticketing system for small businesses. Get started with the plugin now and take your helpdesk to another level.

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