Connect and Respond with Telegram

Keep track of tickets with Telegram notifications

Setup your own Telegram Bot connected with Fluent Support’s ticket system for instant notifications and adding responses with message replies.

Do more with Telegram and Fluent Support

  • Instantly get notified with Telegram chat message.
  • Add individual agents Telegram ID for easy syncronization
  • See notifications when a conversation is created, replied or closed.

Instant Notifications

Get instant notification messages with Telegram bot as soon as a customer submits a ticket or query. keeping you connected seamlessly even when you are logged into your Support Dashboard. You can also customize which events will trigger notifications from Fluent Supports notifications settings.

Add responses 

Signed out of your support account? No problem. Respond to tickets without delay by adding replies to the bot channels chat box. Don’t worry! Your customers will receive the responses in their tickets page instantly, without the need to refresh.

Redirect to Dashboard

Access specific tickets directly from the notification messages sent in Telegram. No need to search and find tickets separately in your dashboard. Just click on the link provided in the notification message and it’ll take you directly to the particular ticket in Fluent Support.

Customized Events

Customizing when the notifications will be sent is super easy. Choose from a preset list of events to set which events will trigger a Telegram notification message. Select whether notification should be sent on ticket close, submission or customer response from Fluent Support notification settings.

Get started with Fluent Support

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