WCAsia 2024: A Journey of Discovery and Connection

Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending WCAsia 2024, an event that surpassed all expectations and left me inspired to say the least. As someone hailing from Bangladesh, the journey to Taiwan for this WordCamp seemed uncertain. However, what I experienced proved that obstacles only hold us back if we let them.

The Visa: A Testament to collaboration

Traveling to Taiwan from countries like Bangladesh poses challenges due to certain realities. Yet, the WCAsia organizing team and the Open Culture Foundation went above and beyond to make the visa process simple for foreign attendees. Through their efforts with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, they made sure that attending this event became a reality for many of us, showcasing true dedication and ingenuity.

The journey to Taipei: A tale of unexpected comfort

Starting a journey that spanned four flights from Sylhet to Taipei, our concerns about layovers quickly dissipated upon landing in Kunming. Surrounded by a supportive Bengali community offering hospitality and familiar cuisine, our layover became a pleasant experience, setting the stage for a successful WordCamp adventure.

First impressions of Taipei: Beyond expectations

Arriving in Taipei, a city I never imagined visiting, the soothing atmosphere struck me immediately . Navigating from the airport to our hotel was seamless, thanks to well-connected buses, an MRT station, and taxis. The city’s bustling yet tranquil streets made exploration a delight, setting a positive tone for the event ahead.

Conference Day 1: A day of connection and insight

With Rokas at Omnisend booth
Rokas, Prema, Adil and Me

The first day of WCAsia was filled with reunions with old friends from WordCamp Kathmandu and encounters with new faces. Engaging discussions with industry experts and fellow attendees ranged from bug-free development to diversity and empowerment within the WordPress community. Noteworthy talks by speakers like Hannah Swain Løvik and Alfred Cheng-Tai Kang left a lasting impression, sparking new perspectives and ideas.

Thanks to Shahjahan Jewel we got a taste of incredible food and a stunning experience for Taipei’s delicacies and flavours!

WPManageNinja Team in Taipei
WPManageNinja Team

Conference Day 2: A continuation of learning and collaboration

With Michelle
Selfie with Michelle

Day 2 brought more opportunities for learning and networking, with talks on intentional design, WordPress meetups, and diversifying income streams. A highlight was the Q&A session with Matt Mullenweg, where attendees had the chance to engage directly with the visionary behind WordPress.

Q&A with Matt Mullenweg
Q&A with Matt Mullenweg

I myself got a question in that I think resonated with people as much as it did with Matt. He later found my feature request ticket and left a solution comment which honestly made my entire trip. The day ended leaving me with a sense of fulfillment and excitement for the future.

WCAsia Parties: Celebrating community and connection

With Michael and Roi
Micheal & Roi

The after-parties provided a perfect opportunity to unwind and connect with fellow attendees. From lively gatherings hosted by sponsors to impromptu outings to local bars, each moment was filled with laughter and wisdom. Special thanks to the GoDaddy team for their hospitality and memorable company throughout the evening.

Reflecting on the experience: Gratitude and inspiration

As I look back on my time at WCAsia 2024, I’m filled with gratitude for the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and expand myself within the WordPress community. The warmth and hospitality extended by the Taiwanese organizers and fellow attendees made this event truly special. I return home with cherished memories and renewed inspiration for the work ahead.

To wrap this up all I can say is, WCAsia 2024 was not just a conference; it was a journey of discovery, connection, and celebration. I’m grateful for the experiences shared and look forward to contributing more to the vibrant WordPress community with renewed enthusiasm and purpose.

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