June 28, 2024

Fluent Support: HubSpot CRM Integration

Connecting Fluent Support, a self-hosted WordPress help desk plugin, with HubSpot CRM can streamline…

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Fluent Boards

June 5, 2024

WordPress Project Management: FluentBoards

Welcome to the future of task management within your WordPress environment! Every business large…

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May 18, 2024

25+ ways Increase Service Agent Productivity

The past decade has brought a universal truth: responsive customer service is non-negotiable. Whether…

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May 14, 2024

What makes WordPress free (and what doesn’t!)

You’ve probably heard that WordPress is free, but what does that really mean? Today,…

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April 26, 2024

Customer Value: A Beginner’s Guide

Understanding and delivering customer value is where your business truly starts. At the end…

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March 29, 2024

WordPress Admin Dashboard: A Complete Walkthrough

Start of with your wordpress admin dashboard and create the custom layout you want for your website both with and without plugins.

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March 15, 2024

WCAsia 2024: A Journey of Discovery and Connection

Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending WCAsia 2024, an event that surpassed…

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February 9, 2024

White Label WordPress Support Strategies for Agencies

Delve into the world of White Label WordPress support strategies tailored for agencies. Uncover behind-the-scenes insights into optimizing client.

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February 1, 2024

Customer Support on Twitter (how to make it work)

The social revolution has brought customers closer to brands than ever before. It’s mandatory…

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January 26, 2024

Customer Acquisition Strategies for 2024

Customer acquisition sounds very fancy when you hear it come from sales and marketing…

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