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Fluent Support 1.5.3 Release Note: New Features and Improvements

We just released the first big update of Fluent Support after our launch. In this update, we’ve added a few new features that our customers asked for the most.

We got lots of feature requests and improvement requests from our users on our Fluent Support Facebook Community. After going through the suggestions, our developers quickly got to work on improving Fluent Support, fixing bugs and adding brand new features.

Fluent Support 1.5.3 update in details

We added a few important features in this update. Our developers also improved some features and tested out some bugs. Here’s a brief overview of what the new update has to offer. You can experience all the features right away after updating.

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Added role-based ticketing for customers

This one is the most requested feature from our users. Using this feature, you can select which user roles can submit tickets. For instance, if you want to allow only “VIP Members” to submit tickets, you can do that now.

Workflow Improvements

The automation workflow now lets you delete tickets or block a spammer. It will prevent you from receiving spam emails or tickets. You can also delete workflow actions after creating.

UI, UX and Integrations Improvements

We improved integration with our in-house CRM – FluentCRM. We also tweaked some minor details in the UI and UX.

Support for Non-Latin Characters

We have improved the support for non-Latin characters in Fluent Support. You may now display non-Latin characters without a problem. 

Customer Delete Feature Added 

Now you can easily delete a customer from Fluent Support. Go to the customer tab in your Fluent Support dashboard, you’ll see a trash icon on the customers status column.

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Fluent Support Lifetime Deal (Expired)

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Check out some of the most valuable features that Fluent Support offers:

  • Email Piping- Customers can open support tickets using their email. Your support agents can receive and reply to emails directly from the support dashboard.
  • Advanced Reporting- Manage your team’s and individual employees’ performance easily using charts and analytics.
  • Quick Reply Template- Save answers to repetitive questions and use them whenever necessary.
  • Internal Notes- Agents can save internal notes for others to follow.
  • No Limites- We don’t limit your usage. You can add unlimited agents, support unlimited users, and add multiple business emails.
  • Automation- Set up manual and automatic workflows with Fluent Support. Boost user satisfaction and customer retention.
  • Custom Managements- Users and agents can create tickets with tags, products, and priorities. This gives your clients and team more flexibility.
  • Integrations- Fluent Support offers integration with various e-commerce, learning management systems, and messaging tools, such as WooCommerce, LearnDash, Slack, Telegram, among others!

This is just a glimpse! Fluent Support offers many more features to optimize the efficiency of your support team. 

It’s been only one week since we had launched Fluent Support. We received excellent support and feedback from members of our community and customers! We have a lot planned for our upcoming updates. Stay tuned and enjoy Fluent Support!

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