Automated Ticket Routing For Better And Faster Customer Support

Automated Ticket Routing: For Better And Faster Customer Support

Customers communicate with businesses for many reasons. They could get in touch for product queries, sales, or after-sale support. And when it comes to a large number of support tickets, to optimize your workflow, an automated ticket routing feature is the ultimate gear.

It has a lot of advantages, and we will get into those, but let’s understand what automated support ticket routing is.

What is automated ticket routing?

Automated ticket routing is a process where software assesses an income support ticket and, as per predefined conditions, assigns that ticket to the most suitable agent automatically.

Benefits of auto-ticket routing

If you can route the support tickets automatically, you can enjoy some extremely valuable benefits. To begin with,

Faster resolution time: If the software assigns the incoming ticket to an agent automatically, it will ensure a fast resolution time for that ticket.

Improve customer satisfaction: The ticket management system detects the best suitable agent for that customer issue. It does it as per the predefined conditions. That way, customers get the best support for their issues.

Reduce the manager’s work: Imagine that your team has to solve hundreds of tickets every day. It will be a hectic job for the team lead or manager to manually assign each ticket to each agent. But automation eliminates this workload.

Increase agent productivity: This automated feature does not assign tickets to agents randomly. It assigns a particular ticket to a particular agent who is an expert on it. So, the response of the agent is always the best.
Reduce human error: Manually routing a ticket can be mistakenly assigned or may overlap with agents. But auto-ticket routing by default prevents this basic human error.

How to set automated ticket routing in Fluent Support?

If you are running a business website on WordPress, then you are going to love this WordPress helpdesk plugin. Fluent Support is one of the best and most feature-rich ticket management systems.

You can very easily set this up with your business account on your WordPress website. The below step-by-step instructions will help you get it done quickly.

Fluent Support has handy workflow automation options. You can set various conditions to design a workflow. These workflows can either be run manually or triggered automatically.

Paths of Automated Ticket Routing
Paths of Automated Ticket Routing

Now let’s say you have various software products. For each product, you have an expert on your support team. In the first scenario, you just want to assign an agent whenever a customer creates a ticket.

Auto-assign agents

To set the automation, go to the dashboard of Fluent Support. Here, you will find an option called “Workflows.” You will see the list of workflows here. Now, we will click on the “Add New Workflow” button.

Fluent Support Workflows
Fluent Support Workflows Setup

It will ask you if you want to run this workflow automatically or manually. We will go with automatic in this case. In the next step, we will set the workflow actions. From the drop-down menu, you will find multiple options. Select the ‘Assign Agent’ from those.

Fluent Support automatic workflow
Fluent Support automatic workflow

It will require the agent that you want to assign it to. Select that from the below drop-down menu. Here we have created support staff from the global settings. Let’s give this action a name.

Fluent Support automatic workflow setup
Fluent Support automatic workflow setup
workflow actions
Workflow actions
Fluent Support automatic agent assign
Fluent Support automatically assigns agents

Finally, you have to set when this action will trigger. So, from ‘Set Your Triggers and Conditions’, select the ‘On the Ticket Creation’ trigger. Hit update workflow, and you are all set.

Automated Ticket Routing - Fluent Support
Automated Ticket Routing in Fluent Support

Now, if any customer creates a ticket, Fluent Support will automatically assign that ticket to the pre-selected agent.

Agent assigned as per product

In the second scenario, let’s say you want to assign an agent automatically to agents for a specific product. In addition, you want tickets about ‘feature requests’ to go to a specific agent.

To do this granular automation, you have to create a workflow. We are going to repeat steps to create the workflow action from your previous scenario.

After that, we will set a specific conditional trigger. In the ‘Condition’, you will find a lot of options from the dropdown. Here we want to target the word ‘feature request’. So, after a ticket is created, the system will look for these words in the title and in the message body.

Workflow automation for ticket routing
Workflow automation for ticket routing to agents

If the system finds such words, it will pass on to the ‘AND’ condition, where it will look for the product that feature request came for. If the products match, the system will trigger the action and assign the agent that you have chosen for the task.

Auto close

Now let’s say you have a recurring ticket for your product. Engaging an agent every time for the same issue is not a smart use of resources. You can set the conditions and actions to find out the recurring tickets, auto-response, and close the ticket immediately.

Conditional response with auto ticket close
Conditional response with auto-ticket closing

Auto delete

In this final scenario, you might not assign the ticket to any agent. In fact, you want to delete that ticket immediately. Because from time to time, you will get spam tickets. With Fluent Support, you can do that too.

Just set the system to look for spammy words in the title or in the message body. It will delete those tickets automatically.

Auto delete
Tickets auto-delete

All you have to do is set it up once and forget about it.

Wrapping up

At the end, we have to say that old saying. Time is money. And to make your customer happy, a fast response is a must. Ticket routing automation basically gives your support team the superpower to be fast.

In addition, with automated ticket routing, you are not just ensuring a fast response, but in the process, you will create loyal customers.

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