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Customer Support on Twitter (how to make it work)

The social revolution has brought customers closer to brands than ever before. It’s mandatory for brands to be available for customers on every possible channel. The concept of omnichannel support comes from this aspect. 

X or formerly known as Twitter is probably the most popular among customers. Especially when they want to get in touch with brands. In this article, we’ll look at how you can provide stellar customer support on Twitter.

Why Twitter?

A staggering 74% of consumers following brands on social media choose Twitter (X) as their got-to platform. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

More than half, 53% to be exact, of surveyed social media users consider how brands publicly address questions or resolve issues as valuable.

Even moreso, a-third (34%) of surveyed Twitter users reported making a purchase after getting a positive customer experience from their brands.

These statistics make it obvious that Twitter isn’t just a platform for socializing; it’s a tool influencing both brand perception and consumer purchasing decisions. Elons digital town square is where your customers are talking about your business. You need to be there to make the most of it.

12 tips for providing customer support on Twitter

When you’re starting off with support on Twitter there’s so much going on. Take these 12 tips to streamline your Twitter support process.

Create a dedicated support presence

The first step in optimizing your Twitter strategy for customer service is to have a dedicated support handle. Your customers need to know exactly which handle to knock with an issue. This also protects your main brand handle from being spammed with radical support claims. Here’s what Fedex Canada did,

Fedex Canada Twitter Support

Crafting a customer-centric profile

Next, optimize your support handle’s profile. Clearly communicate your purpose and include essential contact information. A well-crafted bio, along with a link to your support portal, ensures that users can easily find the assistance they need.

Real-time monitoring

Twitter is a dynamic platform, and real-time monitoring is the standard. Regularly check mentions and direct messages to ensure no customer is speaking in the wind. Prompt responses not only resolve issues swiftly but also contribute to higher customer satisfaction.

Strategic hashtag use

Boost the discoverability of your support handle by incorporating relevant hashtags. Whether it’s #WordPress or industry-specific tags, strategic hashtag use can extend your reach and attract users seeking assistance.

Proactive engagement: FAQs and tips

Take a proactive approach by sharing frequently asked questions and helpful tips. By providing valuable insights, you not only assist customers  but also position your brand as an authority in the industry.

Personalized and conversational tone

When engaging with users, take a personalized and conversational approach. Try to address users by their name, empathize with their concerns, and provide solutions in a friendly manner. Keep the tone positive and understanding at all times.

Directing users to resources

For common issues, guide customers to relevant knowledge base articles, tutorials, or documentation. Empowering customers with self-help options enhances their experience and reduces dependency on your support team.

Swift acknowledgment and apology

Issues are always there. When they come up acknowledge them promptly. Apologize for any inconvenience and assure customers that you are actively working towards a resolution. Transparency is key in maintaining customer trust.

Retweet positive feedback

Highlighting positive experiences can be a powerful engagement strategy. Retweet positive feedback and success stories to boost morale within your team and demonstrate your commitment towards customer satisfaction.

Monitor competitors for industry insights

Keep an eye on your competitors’ support handles to stay informed about industry trends, customer pain points, and best practices. This gold mine of information can help improve your own support strategy.

Exclusive offers

Your support handle isn’t just about issues though. From time to time you can promote exclusive offers or discounts for users facing challenges. Transforming a negative experience into a positive one is a win for customer support.

Analyze posts for common issues

Complaints on Twitter let you track the repeat issues with your brand. This lets you find the pattern in customer queries while also pointing out the exact point where customers are facing the most issues. Finding this pattern will enable you to improve your offer and help customers.

Wrapping Up

There you have it folks. 12 tips to offer remarkable customer support on Twitter. If you’ve got more things to add let us know in the comments. May your support journey on Twitter be fruitful for you and your customers.

Until next time, happy serving!

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