Disney Four Keys Of Successful Customer Service

Disney Four Keys Of Successful Customer Service You Should Adopt

Whenever we think about Disney World, we think about the best experience. If you are a child or an adult, it never fails to amaze and amuse you. Over 17 million people visited Disney World (Magic Kingdom Park) in 2022, yet everyone had fun there. We will talk about the Disney four keys to customer service for achieving this.

Before we get into the strategic part, let’s explore what they build to execute the strategy.

Disney and customer service

Walt Disney was very conscious of creating and maintaining the magic of Disney World. So, every employee here is a cast member. That means not just Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, or Snow White is playing a role; even the garbage man or security worker is playing a role here.

That means every employee is part of a bigger show. But employees are only humans. They can also get tired or hungry. And what will happen when their shift is over? Walt Disney himself thought this through.

If you ever visited Disney World, try to remember: Did you ever see any carrier vehicles bring goods to the shops or restaurants? Considering the size of the crowd, it’s not possible to store that much food and supplies at the location.

Well, they have an underground tunnel for that. This tunnel is not just for supply distribution but also for cast members. They use this tunnel to take a quick break and also to go from one place to another instead of wondering around in the crowd.

Disney is known for valuing its employees first

Mr. Disney built a lot’s tunnel through the Disney World because he prioritized employees first. That’s why, in the tunnel, they have everything for employees, from restaurants to resting areas. By valuing the employee, they ensure the best customer service.

How does Disney create customer loyalty?

As they provide the best customer service by empowering the employee, it will be more relevant if we see the customer service from a cast member point of view. Let’s say Natasa, an imaginary cast member, works at Magic Kingdom Park.

They have a big gray line between the locker room and the park. The minute Natasa crosses that line, she becomes the character Mary Poppins. She started her day by taking some pictures with a few little girls.

Natasa noticed one of the little girls couldn’t find her parents. Natasa helped her find her parents and safely handed her to them. Her parents shared that they were taking pictures in front of a shop where they first met. It was their anniversary. So, Natasa took some time, with courtesy, and heard their story.

This whole time, she never breaks the character she is playing as part of the show. Right after she finished talking, she started twirling her umbrella and singing “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

But she noticed that it was getting too crowded while she was meeting and taking photos. So, very efficiently, she called another cast member. That way, the whole crowd splits in half, and wait time is reduced.

And that’s how Natasa crafts customer happiness. Even though this is an imaginary situation, that is what they actually do. Resulting in millions of loyal customers returning even after multiple visits. 

Magic Kingdom Park - Disney Four Keys
Magic Kingdom Park

4 keys of customer service at Disney

You might already have guessed what the four keys are to delivering a successful customer experience and service. Now let’s understand how you can adopt this for your business to provide the best customer service.

1. Safety

Think of it like this: you are dealing with highly sensitive data from your customer. Now you want your customers to feel safe when they reach out to you.

So, you need to make sure all data stays secure and encrypted. Give them simple instructions so they know what initiatives you are taking. That way, they will be assured that they are with the right person and that the data is safe.

2. Courtesy

Creating a good customer relationship with empathy and kindness is a must. Service agents should use user names and say “thank you” or “thank you for your patients” more often. And always aim to understand customers’ minds and take time to listen to them.

Don’t rush anything. It’s like building friendships. The nicer you are, the stronger the bond, the better the service, and the happier the customer.

3. Show

The customer looks at your brand as a whole. No matter how you talk with them, they will expect the same tone. Whether it’s on your website, in emails, or on social media, make sure it’s all singing the same tune.

That ensures the most immersive experience, and customers not only appreciate but also trust such consistency.

4. Efficiency

Customer time is precious. So, when someone knocks for help, you have to respond quickly. Use tools like Fluent Support to handle the issues effectively, and make sure your team knows how to juggle their tasks like pros. Never forget to ask for feedback to make your service even more efficient.

If you follow the above key from Disney and are able to adopt it properly for your business, you can also create an impact on your customers, just like Disney.

Disney customer service story

Before I wrap up this blog, let’s see what impact Disney is actually creating for their visitors using the Disney Four Keys. Here are two stories.

They never say ‘No’

Dayna Steele, a producer and creator, shared her story about Disney World. She had an experience at the Electric Parade at Disney. She was given a reserved seating area. But no one has been there for a while.

The Disney employee who was holding the rope line for the reserved area never said no to anyone who came up and asked if they could sit there. Instead, the employee would politely explain that it was a reserved area, but then offer them a different option, such as suggesting some seats on the curb or around the corner.

That Disney employee was able to keep everyone happy for 45 minutes without ever saying the word ‘no’. This is a great example of engaging with customers by only saying yes.

Even Starbugs is better at Dinsney

Greg Winteregg and Abby Johnson of Matterhorn Business Development shared their experience at Disney.

Starbucks employees are considered cast members of Disney World. Considering the crowd, the line for coffee is usually very long. But unlike other stores, Disney Starbucks baristas remain friendly, helpful, and very polite.

Wrapping up

Disney World is magical and the happiest place on earth. And it doesn’t happen automatically. A lot of effort, strategy, and dedicated hard work by cast members are involved.

If you can follow and adopt the strategy that Disney follows in your business, you can make a similar impact on your customers too. Disney has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. But the Disney four keys to customer service can be the first one to start.

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