Fluent Support 1.7.8: MemberPress Integration, Ticket search and more

We’re excited to unveil the latest upgrade to Fluent Support: version 1.7.8! This release is a testament to our unwavering dedication to enhancing the customer support journey within the WordPress ecosystem. Our aim remains same as always: to deliver a help desk solution that not only streamlines support operations but also takes user satisfaction to new heights.

What’s New in 1.7.8?

Let’s dive into the latest features and improvements that await you in Fluent Support v1.7.8.

Restrict Business inboxes for specific agents

Fluent Support Agent Permissions

With this new feature, administrators can now assign specific business boxes to individual agents, ensuring that they only have visibility and control over designated areas of support. This granular control empowers administrators to optimize workflow efficiency and maintain confidentiality where necessary.

Ticket search feature in Customer Portal

Fluent Support Customer Portal

Searching for tickets just got simpler! We’re thrilled to introduce a robust ticket search functionality directly within the customer portal. Your customers can now effortlessly navigate through their support history by entering keywords or specific ticket details, facilitating quicker issue resolution and empowering self-service support.

MemberPress integration in Fluent Support

Seamless integration with MemberPress unlocks a world of possibilities for membership site owners! This integration allows Fluent Support users to effortlessly sync membership data with support interactions, providing valuable context to support agents. 

MemberPress Integration

Display exact time of ticket or Response Creation

Precision meets convenience with this intuitive feature enhancement! Admins can now hover over ticket or response timestamps in the admin portal to reveal the exact time of creation. This granular insight enables administrators to track support activity with pinpoint accuracy, facilitating comprehensive reporting and performance analysis.

Option to resume migration process

Empowering users with flexibility during migration endeavors! Fluent Support now offers the option to resume the migration process from the last incomplete ticket when transitioning from HelpScout. This seamless continuity ensures a hassle-free migration experience, minimizing disruptions and preserving data integrity.

HelpScout Migration

Bug fixes and Enhancements

In addition to these groundbreaking features, version 1.7.8. addresses several minor bugs and issues reported by our vigilant community. From ensuring optimal agent permissions to refining the user interface, we’ve meticulously fine-tuned Fluent Support to deliver a flawless support experience.

  • Attachment Download Issue in Email Pipin: Resolved the issue causing attachments to fail downloading correctly via email piping.
  • BetterDocs Integration Issue: Fixed integration issues with BetterDocs to ensure seamless access to documentation resources within Fluent Support.
  • Agent Only Field Display: Rectified the display issue preventing Agent Only fields from appearing correctly within tickets.
  • Placement of Draft Reply Permission Button: Adjusted the placement of the draft reply permission button to ensure intuitive accessibility and functionality.
  • Draft Reply Approve Button with Attachment: Fixed the issue where the draft reply approval button was malfunctioning specifically when attachments were included.
  • Exporting Agent Report Issue: Addressed the bug preventing the successful export of agent reports, ensuring accurate and reliable data retrieval.
  • Typo in FluentCRM Integration Page Title: Corrected a typo in the page title within the FluentCRM integration section for improved clarity and consistency.
  • Deprecated PHP 8.2 Issue with Gravatar Image Link: Resolved the deprecated PHP issue caused by the Gravatar image link, ensuring compatibility with PHP 8.2.
  • Telegram Enable Reply Issue: Fixed the issue preventing the enable reply button from functioning correctly within the Telegram integration.
  • Auto Close Settings Not Saving: Fixed the bug preventing auto-close settings from saving properly, ensuring consistent application of configured preferences.
  • Helpscout Ticket Migration Issue: Resolved migration issues related to Helpscout tickets, ensuring smooth data transition and integrity preservation.
  • Creation of New Ticket When Responding in German: Implemented a solution to fix new ticket creation instead of replying when responding to emails in German.

Wrapping up!

At Fluent Support, your feedback drives our innovation. While we’re thrilled to introduce these exciting enhancements, rest assured that your feature requests not included in this release are still very much on our radar. Our journey toward excellence is ongoing, and we’re dedicated to realizing your vision for a superior support ecosystem.

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