types of customer support data & How to collect support data

March 7, 2022

8 Types of Customer Support Data & How to Collect Them

Customer support data tells a lot about your business. Here are 8 types of Customer support data and how to collect them.

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use customer support data for profit

March 3, 2022

7 Ways to Make Most of Your Customer Support Data Effectively

Customer data is the single most valuable thing to a business. Customer support data…

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customer service channels

February 25, 2022

9 Best Customer Service Channels & How to Pick the Right One

In today’s landscape, customer support channels are changing overnight. Customers now have unlimited freedom…

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example of bad customer service example

February 23, 2022

13 Poor Customer Service Examples and How to Fix Them

Customer service plays a crucial role in business growth. Sometimes it is not good…

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