How to Build a customer support team

June 6, 2024

How To Build A Customer Support Team – Complete Guide

If you building a customer support team or just want to check what’s missing in your system this is your 101 guide for that.

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fluent support helpdesk wordpress

December 30, 2022

What Makes Fluent Support the Best WordPress Helpdesk in 2024?

What are the features that makes Fluent Support the best WordPress helpdesk? Take a look and decide for yourself!

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customer support for christmas rush hour

December 10, 2022

How to Handle Customer Support During the Christmas Rush

Christmas holiday season arrived and with the pressure of outstanding customer queries. Learn how to get prepared and tackle the load.

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deadly sins of customer service

December 9, 2022

Deadly Sins of Customer Support Small Businesses Should Avoid

Customer support can serve small businesses well when it’s not part of the business…

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JS helpdesk vs Fluent Support

December 7, 2022

WordPress Helpdesk Comparison: Fluent Support VS JS HelpDesk

Looking for JS Helpdesk alternative? Check out this Fluent Support VS JS Helpdesk WordPress helpdesk comparison and choose the best plugin!

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objective of customer service

November 29, 2022

8 Customer Service Objectives Small Business Should Follow

Need help determining your business customer service objectives? Or don’t know how to write customer service resume objectives? Read here!

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best communication apps for customer service

November 3, 2022

Top Communication Apps for Stellar Customer Support

Popular communication apps are changing customer support drastically. Learn which messaging apps are best for customer support operations!

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Awesome Support alternative Fluent Support

October 23, 2022

Fluent Support VS Awesome Support: Which One is The Best Helpdesk for WordPress?

Having second thoughts about deciding which WordPress helpdesk to use? Read full Fluent Support & Awesome Support comparison here!

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excellent customer service line

October 21, 2022

14 Examples of Customer Service Phrases You Should Use (& Avoid)

Positive customer service lines can change a bad conversation into good one. Learn which customer support phrases you should use & avoid!

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customer feedback form template and example

September 9, 2022

How to Create a Customer Feedback Form That Actually Works

Customer feedback form is important to collect customer data. Use these feedback form templates & examples to create a form that works!

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