Automatic Workflow

There are two types of Workflow in Fluent Support – Manual and Automatic. In this article, we will cover how to create an Automatic Workflow in Fluent Support.

  • At first, navigate to the Workflows tab from the Fluent Support dashboard. Click on the Add New Workflow button on the top right of the screen.
Fluent Support automation
  • It will open a popup to create a new Workflow, where you have to set your Workflow Name and select the type. In this case, we will select the option Automatic and click the Continue button.
workflow setting Fluent Support
  • Now, you have to set a trigger for your Workflow. Currently, there are two triggers – On Ticket Creation & On Customer Response. Based on the trigger that you set, the Workflow will automatically run.
  • So, if you use the trigger – On Ticket Creation, then the Workflow will automatically run each time a ticket is created.
  • After that, you have to set a condition based on which the Workflow will be triggered. You can set multiple conditions using the AND and OR options.
Fluent Support workflows
  • After setting up the conditions, it’s now time to set up Workflow Actions. You can set multiple actions if needed.

You can set the following Actions –

  • Add Response
  • Assign Agent
  • Add Internal Note
  • Close Ticket
  • Add Tag(s)
  • Remove Tag(s)
Fluent Support workflows
  • Remember to publish the Workflow after setting up all the actions. You can publish it by turning on the toggle button on the top right, next to the Update Workflow button.