Ticket Form Customization

Fluent Supports come with a default Ticket Submission Form, but you can customize that form too. If you want to build a Ticket Submission Form from scratch, feel free to read this doc, or if you want to hide or change some text within the default form, see the below screenshots –

  • Go to the Global Settings option from your dashboard & click on Ticket Form Config from the left menu.
Fluent Support ticket form configuration
Ticket Form Config

You will see multiple checkboxes and input fields.

Enabling knowledge base #

You can suggest some articles based on the ticket title. Whenever users input the ticket title, they will see a list of articles as a suggestion; they can simply read it or ignore it.

From this setting, you can select the post type you want to suggest and also the number of posts you want to limit as a suggestion.

Fluent Support ticket form setting
Enable knowledge base

Disable Rich Text Editor #

You can disable Rich Text from your Ticket Description box.

Disable Default Fields #

You can disable default fields, such as File Upload, Priority, and Product & Services. You can create your own conditional custom fields; see this documentation.

Form Labels Customization #

You can customize all the labels in this area.

Fluent Support ticket form customization

After your configuration is done, hit the Save Settings button.