Reports and Stats

Fluent Support’s advanced Analytics and Reporting feature gives you an accurate view of the entire team’s performance. You can even keep track of individual support execs and measure their performance.

Let’s take a closer look at how the Reports and Stats feature works in Fluent Support.

  • Go to the Reports option from the top-left menu on your dashboard. This page displays two different Ticket Statistics & Reports sections – Personal Reports and Agent Reports.

Personal Reports #

This section shows the ticket statistics of the individual support agents or the personal reports of each agent. This section will be specific to each agent, and the support agents will see his/her own reports here.

In Personal Reports, you can check separate statistics for – Resolve Stats and Response Stats.

You can filter by dates to see the reports from a specific date range and also check the overall ticket stats on the right side.

Fluent Support stats dashboard
Personal Reports

Agent Reports #

The Agent reports show the overall report of all the agents, and it is only accessible to the support agent or supervisor who has permission to view this page.

In Agent Reports, you can check – Ticket Stats, Resolve Stats, and Response Stats.

In this section, the Bar Chart demonstrates the overall Ticket Activity statistics over a certain period of time; you can filter by date to see the stats of a particular period. You can also see a Quick Stats report on the right side which shows the total ticket report of the Support Agent.

Fluent Support agent reports
Agents Reports

Agent Summary Export #

You can export the agent’s report summary from the Reports feature.

  • Go to the Agents Reports tab and look for the Download icon near the bottom.

Agents Reports
Agents Reports
  • When you click on that icon, a popup window will appear with the option to export your column data. If you do not select a column, the system will automatically export all of the data.
  • The last click on the Export Agents Summary button & at the bottom of the page and your exported file will be downloaded.
Downloaded Export Agents Summary
Downloaded Export Agents Summary

Individual Agent Summary Export #

You can do this simply if you want to show selected agents’ summary export reports.

  • Go to the Settings (beside Dates fields) icon on the bottom, click on this & a popup window will appear.
Settings icon
Settings icon
  • Now, if you want to show some selected agents’ reports, then simply check that specific agent. Otherwise, all the agent’s reports will be displayed.
Individual Agent Summary
Individual Agent Summary

Individual Performance #

This section helps you keep track of individual support agents. And measure their performance according to the number of Responses, Interactions, Open Tickets, and Closed tickets. The Current Overall column shows the number of Waiting Tickets, Average Waiting & Max Waiting time of tickets.

You can select a specific date to view the individual performance for that period of time by clicking the calendar icon at the top right corner.

Fluent Support ticket analytics
Individual Agent Performance

Hourly Reports #

This covers all the statistics on an hourly basis, such as average waiting time, response rates, interactions, etc.

When you’re trying to manage many tickets loaded each day, it’s really effective.

Hourly Reports
Hourly Reports

Product Report #

The Product Reports provide both Ticket Statistics and Product Summaries. In the Ticket Stats section, you’ll find a Bar Chart displaying overall Ticket Activity statistics. You have the option to filter the data by date to view specific periods. The Product Summary section offers individual ticket reports for each product.

On the right side, you’ll find a Quick Stats report showing the total ticket count for each product and Today Stats showing the reports of the day.

Product Report
Product Report

Business Boxes Reports #

The Business Box Reports provide Ticket Statistics and Summaries based on business box tickets. You have the flexibility to filter the data by date or by Ticket Stats, Resolve Stats, and Response Stats.

The Business Box Summary section offers detailed reports for each individual business box.

Business Boxes Report
Business Boxes Report