Managing Tickets using Slack

You can integrate your Slack account with Fluent Support to send notifications to the Slack Channel and keep your support agents more active.

Get Notifications In Slack #

  • To integrate Fluent Support with Slack, you need to create an app in slack from & click on the Create an app button. It will bring a pop-up; click on From Scratch. Then add your app name and select the workspace to install the app.
Fluent Support slack api settings
Fluent Support slack
  • To get notifications only, you just have to set up bot permissions from OAuth & Permissions section. From the left sidebar, click on OAuth & Permission option; from that page, scroll down to Bot Token Scope and click on Add an OAuth Scope button. Type chat: write and select that permission & now scroll to the top of that page and click Install to workspace, it will generate a bot token and copy this one for later use.
Fluent Support slack bot
Bot Permission
Fluent Support slack
Install the app to the workspace
Fluent Support slack
Bot Token
  • Now you have to add this created app to an existing channel, or you can create a new channel and add this created app there. You can keep the channel private or public. If you don’t know how to create a channel in slack, then you can visit this link. After creating the channel, copy the channel name without the hash(#) (as shown in the screenshot below).
  • To get notifications, you also need the channel ID to get channel ID to click on the channel name, and it will bring a popup, you will get your channel ID at the bottom of this popup, so copy this one for later use (as shown on the screenshot below).
Fluent Support slack bot

  • After getting the bot token, Slack Channel Name & Slack Channel ID, move to your Fluent Support Global Settings section, click on the Notification Integrations section & paste the copied item in relative fields. After that, enable your Slack Events and Notification to get notified.
Fluent Support slack setting
Notification Integrations
  • After finishing these steps go to the Channel Details option & click on the Integrations option. Here, you need to click the Add an App button to include your App in the channel you have just created.
Fluent Support slack channel
Fluent Support slack

Now your Slack bot is ready to send notifications to your channel

Reply Tickets From Slack #

You can make your support system easier by enabling the Reply Ticket From Slack feature. This will help you to reply to your tickets directly from Slack.

  • For this feature, you have to add Event Subscriptions to your app. Click on the Event Subscriptions from the left side menu of your created app. Enable this event by clicking on the switch button and then verify your site URL; you will get the URL from your Slack integration page so copy and paste it to the Request URL.
Fluent Support slack api
Fluent Support slack
  • After verifying the URL, you have to subscribe to Bot Event. For this, click on the Subscribe to the bot events section, and if you are using a private channel, then add a message. groups permission to the bot; however, if you use a public channel, then add a message. Channels permission to the bot. Now you will be able to reply to the tickets from slack.
Fluent Support slack
Permission for a Private Channel
Fluent Support slack
Permission for a Public Channel
  • After that, you must insert your agent slack member id in their profile. To do this, go to the Global Settings, then move on to the Support Staff section and click on the user profile edit button and insert the Slack User ID in their profile. After doing this, your support agent can reply to tickets directly from Slack.
Fluent Support support staff permission
  • To reply ticket from slack, just reply to the thread, and your ticket will be replied to.
Fluent Support slack reply test

Close Ticket From Slack #

You can also close a ticket from slack using a simple text command [close]. To close a ticket, reply to the ticket notification with this( [close] ) command. Also, you can reply to the ticket at the same time. Below is a picture to guide you on how to close the ticket.

Reply And Close Ticket
Close Ticket