Creating Ticket on Behalf of Customer

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Support Agents can easily generate a ticket for any customer using the Add Ticket functionality of Fluent Support. Therefore, a customer can ask your support staff to open a ticket on their behalf, and a support staff member can do it from the plugin’s dashboard.

Here is a quick guide on adding a ticket on behalf of a customer.

  • To do this, click the + Add Ticket button in the top left corner of the Tickets tab on your Fluent Support dashboard.

Add Ticket - Fluent Support
+ Add Ticket

  • A pop-up window will appear with the available input fields for creating a ticket. See the below screenshot –

Create a ticket on behalf of customer
Create Ticket

  • Select Customer: You can reach your customer here by entering the name or email address into the search box.

  • Select Business: Select your Business Name from the dropdown.

  • Subject: Add the subject to your ticket.

  • Ticket Details: Add appropriate ticket details using this text editor.

  • Click to Upload: With your ticket, you can upload a file (Photos, CSV, PDF/Docs, Zip, JSON).

  • Related Product/Service: Select your relevant Product Name, for example. Fluent Support, Fluent CRM, and so on.

  • Priority: Choose your ticket priority level; there are three priority levels; Normal, Medium & Critical.
create a ticket

Create New Customer #

  • You could quickly create a new customer by clicking the Create New Customer button and entering the required information.

create new ticket for customer
Create New Customer

  • After selecting the Create New Customer Button, you’ll acquire the Customer information to enter.

create a new customer details
Create New Customer Details

Templates #

Users frequently need to respond in the same manner to many Support issues. For instance, it might be a ticket for installing the Fluent Support Pro version. So you can save time by using the Templates option rather than responding to them again.

  • The Templates option is located next to the Ticket Details option on the right. A pop-up window will open when you click on the Templates option, allowing you to use the previously saved replies for the relevant products.
use templated tickets
Ticket Templates

  • Choose the reply you want to add in the Ticket Details from the dropdown. You can also search for the replies from the search box.

search from ticket replies and use it to create a new ticket on behalf of customer

  • After you are done with this step, make sure to click the Create Ticket button to add the ticket.