Merge Tickets

You can quickly merge your tickets with Fluent Support Pro. You can simply merge tickets from the same user under one ticket with all customer responses and agent responses too. 

  • To do this, Go to Fluent Support Dashboard first then go to the specific ticket you want to merge and click on the Kebab Icon beside the mailbox option. Take a look at the screenshot below-

  • On the top right side of the users’ ticket site, click on the Kebab icon (shown on the above screenshot)
  • Here, you will get the option Merge Tickets and click on this option. A popup will appear on the top page when you click on merge tickets.
  • The ID, Title, Status, and Action options for the ticket will appear in the popup ( See the below screenshot)

  • When you choose to Merge as the Action, the ticket will be combined with the previous one.

  • The ticket has been combined with the preceding tickets, as you can see. You can now respond to all of the tickets at once, giving the user response to all of his merged tickets.

  • Remember that only those with permission can merge tickets.