Email Piping: Email Based Support Ticket

To set up Email Piping, you must add a new business inbox as an Email-Based Channel. You can set multiple business inboxes in Fluent Support.

  • First, navigate to the Business Settings and click the button – Add New Business Inbox on the top-right. A modal will pop up where you have to enter a name for your Inbox, the Email address from which you want to send emails, and select the option – Web and Email Based (MailBox).
Add Business Inbox
Add Business Inbox

  • After creating a Business Inbox, click on the green View Settings button within the Business account and head over to the Email Piping settings.
  • Check the option to agree to the terms and conditions of the Fluent Support email parsing and then click the button – Get Piping Email Details.
Email piping settings
Get Piping Email Details

  • A mailbox email will be issued from Fluent Support that you have to use to set up auto-forwarding of your emails from other email addresses.
Mailbox Email Fluent Support
Mailbox Email

  • The Next step is to set an Email forward or redirect from your Email provider or Host. Depending on the Email provider that you are using, you can set up a forwarder as per the instructions.

Please note that after you have set the Email forwarding, a verification email will be sent, which will actually create a new support Ticket. So check recent tickets to get the verification code for your email forwarding settings.

We have listed a few examples below –

Forward or redirect from an Email Provider #

Forward or redirect from a Host #

After you have set an auto-forward, your mailbox will be active.

Collaboration with CC in Fluent Support Tickets #

CC are email features that allow you to include additional recipients in a message, with CC recipients visible to all.

In Fluent Support TIckets when a sender sends an email to your business inbox and includes additional CC users in subsequent reply emails, our system intelligently designates them as sub-customers for that specific ticket. You will see the added CC emails also in your ticket. If you want to add CC click on the Add Cc button.

Our system treats responses from CC users as if they were from the primary customer, you can also add more CC emails to send your reply to them. Now just click on the Add Reply button to reply.

You will see that the ticket reply is also sent to the CC recipients.

Amazon Lambda Implementation for Fluent Support Email Piping #

If you want to implement your own Lambda function for Fluent Support Email Piping, then please use this repository. It’s the simplified version of our own implementation, but the mime parser is the same as our hosted one.

Please check the repository and feel free to ask any questions regarding this.

– You need a bit of JS and serverless knowledge to deploy this function
– You need an extra domain to connect it with Amazon SES’s incoming endpoint.