Fluent Support Pro now includes a brand-new feature. Agents can use this as a bookmark. All the support team has to do is tap Bookmark on a ticket to find their own tickets easily on the dashboard or to request another agent to look at a ticket.

Let’s take a closer look at how Bookmarks work.

  • To do this, Go to the Fluent SupportTickets → and Select the option Bookmarks where all the customer’s ticket lists will appear.

  • Open a customer’s ticket and click on the Kebab icon on the top right side of the ticket. 
  • Here you will get the Add to Bookmark and click on this option.  A popup will appear on the top page when you click on Add to Bookmark.

  • From the Select option, you can select the support staff you want to assign on that specific ticket. 
  • You can select more than one support staff here. 

  • After selecting the support staff, click on the Add button. See the below screenshot-

  • The support staff will be bookmarked on the right side of that ticket. You can also add more staff by clicking on the plus (+) icon. (Shown on the below screenshot)