Zendesk Ticket Migrator

Introduction #

Zendesk is a customer service platform that helps businesses manage customer interactions with ticketing, self-service knowledge bases, live chat, and analytics.

Import Zendesk tickets into Fluent Support through one click. This comprehensive guide simplifies synchronizing your support systems between Fluent Support and Zendesk. You will find the Zendesk in the Global Settings> Ticket Importer section.

Obtain Zendesk API Credentials #

To begin the integration process, the first step is to log in to your Zendesk Account and obtain the necessary credentials. Click on the Admin button positioned in the left sidebar. Now click on Go to the Admin Center link like the below screenshot.

Select the Zendesk API  from Apps and Integration in the left sidebar.

In the Zendesk API section, you need to enable Tocken Access. Now press the Add API Token button then an API will be given. Copy the API and click on the Save button.

Also, copy the Zendesk domain like the below screenshot.

Configure Fluent Support #

Now go to Fluent Support dashboard Global Settings > Ticket Importer. You will find out Zendesk there. Now click on the Ticket Importer button.

A pop-up will appear like the screenshot below. 

Now paste the Zendesk Domain you copied before. Give your email address and paste the API you copied from your Zendesk Account.

Now press the Import Tickets button and all Zendesk tickets will be imported in Fluent Support.