Fluent Support is fully shortcode enabled. Meaning you can paste in codes for specific pages on your site and create pages for your ticketing system. The list of compatible shortcodes is given below.

[fluent_support_login]  #

Select the page where you want to show the Login Page. To display the built-in login form, you can place a login shortcode – [fluent_support_login].

Username/Email Address and password options will appear here to Log in.

It will only be applicable to non-logged-in users.


[fluent support login show-registration=false show-reset-password=true] #

Choose the page on which you wish the login page to appear. You may use the shortcode [fluent support login show-registration=false show-reset-password=true] to display only the reset-password option and conceal the signup options.

Create an account will not show; just the login button with the reset password will be shown.

It will only apply to non-logged-in users.

Signup false,reset pass true

[fluent support login show-registration=true show-reset-password=true] #

Select the page where you want to show the Login Page. To display both the reset-password option as well as signup options, you can use this shortcode – [fluent support login show-registration=true show-reset-password=true].

Create an account and reset your password both options will be shown here.

It will only apply to non-logged-in users.

[fluent support signup] #

Choose the page on which you want the signup page to appear. When a customer registers, this page will display all of their information, including their first and last names, usernames, email addresses, and a password entry area. Once you’ve filled out the form, you can sign up by clicking the button. Use this shortcode for that – [fluent support signup]

[fluent_support_auth] #

Select the page where you want to place the shortcode – [fluent_support_auth] to display both the signup form and built-in login form.

Support auth

[fluent_support_reset_password] #

Select the choice for the page where you wish to reset your password by using this shortcode – [fluent_support_reset_password]. When a customer changes his password, he must enter his email address in the Email address box and select the Reset Password option. Customers will get an email with a reset link when they request a password reset.

reset password

[fluent_support_portal] #

The User Portal is intended for direct use by end-users. Where users can view & use the dashboard to submit tickets. This easy guide can set up a User Portal in Fluent Support.

Select the page where you want to show the tickets for your customers in the Portal Page option. Add the shortcode [fluent_support_portal]  on that page.

You must log in or sign up to access the Customer Support Portal.

Support Portal