BetterDocs Integration

BetterDocs is an easy-to-use documentation and knowledgebase plugin. You can use both free and pro version of BetterDocs & integrates with Fluent Support.

Fluent Support’s BetterDocs integration helps you to show your relevant documentation page right in your ticket forms when users type their problems.

For the integration to work, you must have BetterDocs installed and active on your website.

Now, go to Fluent Support Dashboard. Click Global Settings. From ‘Global Settings’ click on “Ticket Form Config”.

Here you’ll find ‘Ticket Form Settings’ where you have to connect knowledgebase with the default Fluent Support ticket form.

BetterDocs integration setup fluent support

When you click “Enable knowledge base suggestion on ticket creation form”, You will find Knowledge base post type options.

BetterDocs integration setup fluent support

Select “doc” type. If you already installed BetterDocs on your site, the ‘doc’ option will be available. Without BetterDocs active, this option will be unavailable.

You must have to BetterDocs installed and active from the plugin dashboard.

You can also choose how many suggested articles you want to show.

BetterDocs integration setup fluent support

Save the settings.

Now when anyone types related keywords in the ticket forms subject bar, it will show related documentation as suggested articles.

BetterDocs integration demo fluent support

This is how the integration of BetterDocs with Fluent Support works.