Split Reply in New Tickets

In our new release, we’ve added a new feature that gives you more freedom to split a reply into a new ticket.

Whenever a customer starts a new topic or issue in an ongoing ticket, you can detach the conversion and move it to a new ticket. Both new tickets will show up on the customer & support end as separate tickets.

  • To do this, first, navigate to the Fluent Support Dashboard, then choose the exact ticket you wish to split into a new ticket.

Specific ticket

  • Then, hit the arrow icon on the right side of the ticket, and the Split Ticket option will appear after that. Take a look at the screenshot below-

Split Ticket Option
Split Ticket Option

  • A popup will appear on the top page when you click on the Split Ticket option.

  • The pop-up will provide options for the Ticket Title, Ticket Content, and Ticket Product, among many more.

  • Complete all necessary requirements.

  • Don’t forget to click the Split Ticket button once all the fields have been filled in.

Split Ticket button popup
Split Ticket button popup

  • After selecting the Split Ticket option, you will see a dialogue box appear on top of the existing ticket, indicating that your ticket has been split into a new ticket with the new ticket number.

  • You can also see the Date and time you split your ticket.

After Split Ticket
Conversation about Split Ticket

  • Both new and old tickets will appear as separate new tickets on the customer and support end.

new split ticket
New Split Ticket

That is how you can split a ticket in Fluent Support!