Conditional Custom Fields

Custom fields are a more advanced WordPress feature, which lets you add extra information to certain fields. Fluent Support  has come up with a variety of sophisticated features and Custom Fields is one of them.

Simply go through this tutorial to learn how to use Custom Fields in Fluent Support.

Go to the Global Settings option from your dashboard & click on Custom Fields from the left menu. To create a new custom field, click on the Add New Field button on the top right corner of the page.

This brings up a pop-up box so that you can select the appropriate Field Type from the dropdown menu. The available field types are as follows; Single Line Text, Multi-Line Text, Numeric Field, Select Choice, Radio Choice, and Checkboxes. In this example, the Numeric field type has been used.

Selecting this field type, in turn, opens a few more fields that you need to fill out. Enter a relevant Public Label, Admin Label & Slug.

If you want this custom field to only be accessible to your Support Agent then you can select the This is an agent only field option.

Lastly, hit the Add button to save your custom field.

Now, let’s see how this custom field appears when a ticket is submitted in Fluent Support. Here, you will notice an Additional Data field at the bottom along with the name of the field you created.