Adding Multiple Business Inboxes

With the Business Inboxes feature, you can easily handle multiple Business accounts. Just follow this simple tutorial to learn how to add multiple Business Inboxes.

  • First, go to your Fluent Support dashboard & click on Business Settings. If you have already created a Business Inbox before then, you will find the details of your Business Inbox appearing on the page. Like the example below –
business inbox in Fluent Support
Add New Business Inbox
  • To create more Business Inboxes, just click on the Add New Business Inbox button. Then in the pop-up window, enter your Inbox Name & Business Email. Please make sure your website can send emails from this email address. And the Support Channel is selected as Web-based by default. Make sure to click the Add Business Inbox button.
business inbox Fluent Support
Add the Business Inbox button
  • Now, you will see that all of the Business Inboxes are available.
  • After adding the Business Inbox, another settings page will open to complete the Inbox settings. To learn more about this, read this documentation