Dropbox Integration

Dropbox is a cloud storage platform that enables easy file storage, sharing, and seamless access and collaboration across multiple devices. Integrating it with FluentSupport allows automatic ticket attachment uploads, streamlining workflows. This article guides you through this integration process.

Dropbox Integration With Fluent Support #

To integrate Fluent Support with Dropbox, follow the steps with screenshots below —

Create an app in Dropbox #

To create or Log in to your Dropbox, click here. Then, go to your Dropbox Account developer section and click the Create Apps button to create an app in Dropbox.

Create an app in Dropbox

In the “Choose an API” select Scoped Access and in the “Choose the type of access you need” select App folder.
Then, give a name to your app, agree with the terms and conditions if you want, and finally click the Create app button.

Create a new app on the DBX Platform popup page

Configure Dropbox Settings #

Your Dropbox App Settings page will appear where you must provide an authorized OAuth2 Redirect URL and click the Add button.

Dropbox App Settings

To get this OAuth2 Redirect URL, go to your Fluent Support Dashboard > Global Settings > File Upload Integration > Dropbox > Configure > copy the OAuth2 redirect URL.

Dropbox Configure option from Fluent Support dashboard
OAuth2 Redirect URL

Dropbox App Permissions #

Now go to the Permissions section of your Dropbox app.
Select these areas (files.metadata.write, files.content.write, files.content.read, sharing.write, file_requests.write), and click the Submit button.

Dropbox App Permissions

Obtain App Credentials #

To obtain the app’s credentials, copy the App Key and App Secret from your Dropbox app settings.

Obtain App Credentials

Configure Dropbox in Fluent Support #

Return to your Fluent Support Dashboard, go to Global Settings, click the Configure under File Upload Integrations, and a popup will appear.

Dropbox Configure option from Fluent Support dashboard

Then, paste the App keyApp Secret into the Client ID & Client Secret fields, and click the Connect to Dropbox button.

Client ID, Client Secret and Connect to Dropbox options

This is how you can integrate Dropbox with Fluent Support!
If you have any further questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact our @support team. Thank you.