Frontend Agent Portal

You can view the entire agent portal in the frontend by using the shortcode:

  • One additional thing is you have to change the base URL of your agent support portal.
  • To do this, please add the code below to your child theme’s functions.php file, or you can use any code snippet plugin.
  • You can also add this snippet to your main theme’s functions.php file however if you do this, then when you update your theme, this snippet will be overwritten, so we recommend using the child theme’s functions.php or a code snippet plugin.
add_filter('fluent_support/portal_admin_base_url', function($url){
	$url = 'https://your-forntend-support-page-fullurl/#/';
	return $url;
  • This is necessary because when you get notifications, the ticket view link will be generated from this base URL; by default, it’s the admin site URL, so you have to change this.
Frontend Agent Portal View
Frontend Agent Portal View