Business Inboxes

Often, users may need to manage Support Tickets from multiple Businesses. For this, Fluent Support offers a feature known as Business Inboxes. Using this feature, you can easily handle multiple Business accounts.

Follow this simple guide to learn how to Create Business Inboxes in Fluent Support.

  • The first step is to go to the Fluent Support dashboard & click on the Business Inboxes tab. This will take you to the Business Inboxes page, then click the Add New Business Inbox button.

Business Settings
Business Settings
  • A pop-up box will appear where you must add a relevant Inbox Name, i.e., your company name, and enter your Business Email. Please make sure your website can send emails from this email address.
  • You can select the Support Channel as Web Based if you want to allow customers to create support tickets directly from the website. Otherwise, if you want to set up an Email-based support ticket using the Email piping feature, then you have to choose Email Based (Mailbox) channel.

Fluent Support how to add a new business inbox
Add Business Inbox
  • Lastly, click on the Add Business Inbox button to save it.
  • After adding the Business Inbox, you can click on View Settings to complete the Inbox settings. Besides the Inbox Name & Business Email, you can set the Admin Email Address where the admin will get emails if enabled in email settings.
  • In the Email Footer For Customers option, you can add suitable footer texts or email signatures here. You can get a list of the available shortcode by clicking the Available Dynamic Codes button. After you’re done, remember to click the Save Settings button.

inbox settings in Fluent Support
Inbox Settings

This is how you can set your Business inboxes in Fluent Support.