Google Drive Integration

Introduction #

You can now seamlessly integrate your Fluent Support system with Google Drive, allowing for the synchronization of files between the two platforms. This documentation will guide you through setting up the Fluent Support and Google Drive integration. 

The Google Drive file upload option is in Global Settings> File Upload Integrations.

Accessing Google Cloud Console #

First, go to the Google Cloud Console and then select API & Services

Select Google Drive API like the screenshot below

Creating a New Project #

Now you have to create a new project to get the API, click on Select a Project or click the Create Project button.

A pop-up will appear and you will see the New Project button to make a new project

Give a name to your project and location is optional. Press the Create button.

Enabling Google Drive API #

Now click on the enable button to active the Google Drive API

Here you will find out the Create Credential button click on it.

Now you will find out five steps here.

  1. Credential type.
  2. OAuth consent screen.
  3. Scopes
  4. OAuth Client ID
  5. Your Credentials.

1. In Credential Type select the User Data field and press the next button.

2. In OAuth Consent Screen give an app name and user support email here, and a Developer Contact Information now click the save and continue button.

3. Scopes is an optional part so you can just skip here.

Now you will be needed an OAuth2 Authorised Redirect URL. To get this go to your Fluent Support dashboard and select Global Settings. Here you will see the File Upload Integration section. Go to the Google Drive settings from here you will see the OAuth2 URL just copy the URL for later use.

4. OAuth Client ID

  • In the Application type select Web Application you can give any name here. 
  • In Authorized Javascript Origins give your domain name without the ‘/’ slash in the last. 
  • In the Authorized redirect URL paste the OAuth2 redirect URL you have copied from the Fluent Support Gooldrive integration section.

5. In the fifth step here you will just find out the Client ID you can copy it from here. Now Click on the Done button and the credential will be ready.

Now this page will come, go to the Credential section and click on the OAuth 2.0 Client IDs name.

After that, the below page will come and you will find out the Client ID and Client Secret here copy these things.

Now go to the OAuth Consent Screen section and click on the Publish App button.

Configure Fluent Support #

Now go to the Fluent Support Global Settings > Flie Upload Integrations >  Google Drive settings. Now paste the Client ID & Client Secret here. Mark on the Enable Google Drive integration to activate the integration. Click on the connect button now.

Now you have to choose an account for drive upload.

Click on Continue to complete the drive confirmation process.

Click on the Connect button to end the integration process for google drive upload.

Here we have uploaded a file with a ticket reply.

You will see the uploaded file in google drive now.